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The Good, The Bad and The Rough – Let It All Burn releases first single

LET IT ALL BURN, a fresh newcomer in the Scandinavian metal scene releases its first single Closure Will Prevail on February 17th 2023. The band was forged in the flames of Helsinki, Finland in 2020. Combining modern synths with brutal riffs and melancholic melodies, Let It All Burn is breaking the barriers in musical genres. 

The band members are long time friends who all have over 15 years of experience in music, producing and chart-topping bands (Phoenix effect, Kemopetrol, Ikinä, Nimetön, V For Violence, Out For Justice).

Vocalist Lauri Hämäläinen describes the song:

“This song speaks with the voice of those, who have been mistreated, who have been under the influence of unkindness and those who have seen the filth of human incompetence in being real to each other. It started out as a riff written on our guitarist´s sofa and was produced to its present form the following year. The song is a modern grooving metal song with a brutal guitar riff and catchy melodies mixed with nordic melancholy. The song´s theme pays respect to Sergio Leone´s movies.”

The song is available on streaming platforms