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Let It All Burn unveils atmospheric metal single, ”Neon Lights”, channeling Drive-Inspired vibes with modern synth magic

Let It All Burn takes listeners on a dark, electrifying journey with their new single ”Neon Lights.” Infused with the raw intensity of metal and the hypnotic allure of cinematic synths, this track is inspired by the aesthetics of the cult-classic film ”Drive,” immersing listeners in a world of neon-lit streets and dark temptations that will prey on without apology.

”Neon Lights” paints a vivid sonic landscape, where mesmerizing synths collide with intense walls of guitar and groovy drums. With a blend of powerful vocals, roaring distortion, and modern electronic elements, the song captures the essence of urban mystique and captivating energy.

”Like the aphorism ”All that glitters is not gold”  “Neon Lights” voices the neverending struggle between living on the fast lane and taking the higher road.“ -notes the band’s lead vocalist Lauri Hämäläinen. “We have all been there. The night clubs, the one more drinks, VIP-cues, hazy nights, and all those places where vanity lurks and grabs you quicker than you think. That’s a recipe for making acquaintace with your demons.